Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial window tinting can help protect the people who use your building as well as the items inside – things like furniture, stock, or floors which can fade because of the sun. Our commercial window tinting solutions can also protect your glass and make your premises more comfortable. Our team is experienced in all aspects of commercial window tinting so will develop a custom solution for your needs. You can apply our films to any type of window, plus our installation team will ensure the application is to the highest possible standard. Our films offer a range of benefits including protecting items in your business from fading. As you can see from the chart below, UV light, heat, and visible light coming in through your windows is causing damage to the fixtures, fittings, and decor of your business. This damage looks unsightly and it’s costly to repair or replace the damaged items. Our commercial window tinting options are the solution.

Options Available

Heat reduction

This type of window film is ideal if rooms in your business overheat because of the sun streaming in throughout the day. We have window film options that offer up to 78 percent heat reduction, reducing the needs for air conditioning and saving you money.

Privacy protection

Would you like to block the visibility in certain windows in your office. This could be blocking the view in one or both directions on internal windows, such as windows to individual offices. It could also involve preventing people from the outside seeing in, such as on bathroom windows. We have privacy protection films that will achieve all these goals and more. With multiple options available, we’ll ensure you get a customised solution.


Anti-vandalism films protect your glass from graffiti, scratching, and acid etching while having minimal impact on the appearance, views, or light distribution of your window. When vandals paint or scratch your window, only the film will be affected leaving the glass in perfect condition. You then simply replace the film, an option that is much cheaper than replacing the glass. Anti-vandalism film is ideal for a range of situations including shops, mirrors, buses, trains, signs, bus shelters, and more.

UV Protection

We have film available that blocks out 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. As UV light is responsible for 40 percent of fading of your furniture, flooring, and artwork, this film will significantly protect your business premises.

Safety and security

We have safety and security films available that will strengthen your glass to give it extra protection against breakage. In fact, the safety films we offer will bring your glass up to the safety standard NZ2208. The film also offers additional protection if the glass does break as it will prevent it from shattering. This will protect people inside and outside your building including employees and/or visitors.


Glare in your office or business premises is uncomfortable, plus it can impact on productivity. After all, your employees will not work efficiently if they are distracted by the sun coming through the windows or if they are unable to see the screens on their computers. The same applies to other locations like schools and retail outlets. In the latter, glare can impact sales if it makes your shop uncomfortable for customers. We’ll give you a customised anti-glare film solution that will block the right amount of glare while still allowing in comfortable amounts of natural light.

Find Out More

To discuss your options or to get more information about the commercial window tinting options that are available, please give us a call. We can arrange to send you a free quote too, so call today on 0508786788.