Residential Window Tinting

Nuview is Auckland’s residential window tinting specialists. We have window film suitable for a range of uses and for any size or shape of window. We only use the best quality materials, and all members of our team are fully trained. As a result, you can expect the best possible results. Call today to get a quote. Details of the film options that are available are below. We also offer film that offers multiple benefits to increase the protection and comfort of your home. We can help you choose the right film, plus we offer sample fittings giving you the opportunity to try the window film for a few days to see if it meets your needs.

Window Film For UV Protection

The UV rays that come into your home are damaging your floors, furniture, soft furnishings, and artwork. This is because UV light accelerates fading, reducing the appearance of items in your home and making them look dull and tired. We have residential window tinting options that will protect your home from harmful UV rays. Here are the benefits:

Our window film blocks out 99 percent of UV rays
They are high-quality from the world’s leading film manufacturers
The films look natural and let in light like before
Your windows won’t look dark or mirrored
As well as protecting your home, window film that blocks out UV rays also protects people with sensitive skin

Window Film For Heat Reduction

The heat generated by the sun coming through your windows can make rooms in your home unbearable. You can close the blinds or curtains, but this prevents natural light from getting in as well. Heat reduction window films are the solution. We offer a range of window films that block varying amounts of heat, from a 78 percent heat reduction at the top of the range to a lower heat reduction of 32 percent. The benefits of heat reduction window films include:

Keeps your rooms at a more comfortable temperature
Maintains natural light
Reduces the need for electricity so saves you money and helps to protect the environment
Reduces fading

Window Film For Glare Control

Everyone wants as much natural light in their home as possible, but when this light becomes glare it quickly starts being unbearable. Glare can cause eye strain or make it impossible to watch the TV or use a computer. The problem can be exacerbated when the sun reflects off surfaces in your home such as tables or kitchen worktops. In addition, this is a problem that occurs all year round as it often doesn’t matter how warm it is outside – whenever there is sunshine, there can be glare. Our anti-glare films offer varying levels of protection. This means we can give you a solution that meets your specific needs. Your rooms will become instantly more comfortable, eliminating the need to keep the curtains or blinds closed during the day.

Window Film For Privacy

At night, you protect the privacy of your home by drawing the curtains or closing the blinds, but you don’t want to do this during the day. In daytime hours, you want the best of both worlds – privacy as well as natural light and views. Our privacy window films are the ideal solution. We have a range of different options to choose from depending on the window and your requirements. This includes frosted or sandblast films that block the view in both directions. This type of film is ideal for bathrooms and other rooms where it’s not necessary to see out. We also have options that prevent people from seeing in but still allow you to see out. These options are suitable for all the windows in your home. The options available include reflective films or coloured films.

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We can combine more than one of the objectives above to develop a custom solution for you, giving you the scale and type of protection you desire. Please call us today on 0508786788 to get a free, no-obligation quote