About Us

Nuview Window Film installed onto your existing glazing offers a cost effective and long lasting solution to many problems such as excessive solar heat, glare, energy consumption, fading, privacy and insulation. They provide options for safety and security issues. Furthermore window films enhance existing glass in decorative and aesthetic ways for a refreshed up-to-date look. Servicing commercial and industrial businesses, corporations, retailers, schools and residential customers throughout Auckland from Warkworth to Pukekohe & Kumeu to Maraetai. We offer free quotes for all requests, no job too small or too big! An onsite consultation is a good time to answer all your questions concerning the installation of window film.

6 Reasons To Choose Nuview Window Tinting

Nuview Window Tinting offers quality workmanship and window film with the focus being on client satisfaction.
Nuview has been a leader in Window Film installations and sales since it’s formation in 1990
Nuview Window Tinting only specialises in Flat glass window tinting in the residential and commercial space- we are experts in this area.
We are service driven, our focus is to work closely with our client to find the best film solution which will meet their requirements.
We meet with our clients onsite to conduct a site visit to better understand the problem that they are trying to solve, we listen to them and we then work on finding the right solution for them.
Nuview services all of Auckland.

Cost effective, high performing and long lasting. Our window films:

Reduce Fading

Protect your furniture, floors and artwork from UV rays.

Increase Privacy

Block vision both ways or choose an option which lets you see out.

Reduce Heat, Glare and Save Energy

Keep out up to 80% of the heat from the sun.

Increase safety & security

Strengthen, protect and shatterproof your glass.



Site Safe is a small independent organisation set up by the construction industry. Its single job is to reduce construction injuries and deaths by taking the lead in promoting construction site safety.

We take safety in the work place very seriously and all our frontline staff renew their Site Safe passports every 2 years and ensure these practices are used and adhered to in the work place.


SiteWise is a prequalification system created by SiteSafe. It assesses a contractor’s health & safety capability and makes that information available online.

As part of our recruitment process, we make sure all contractors meet the health and safety performance.


Nuview undertook the implementation of an environmental management system to reduce waste costs and inefficiency. This helps with the preservation of our natural resources and can reduce the cost of finding more or new resources.

Benefits from being part of EMS include improvements to employee safety and morale, the use of alternative and/or less hazardous materials.

Managing our environmental operations and practises can result in a dramatic reduction in the cost of waste disposal.